The Power Suit

A suit is a powerful tool - they are sophisticated yet sexy, simple yet stunning and in fashion everything tends to come full circle. A suit is perhaps an antidote to the anxiety of choice and the return to when times were simpler as a child wearing a suit school uniform. And now women are increasingly turning to suits in the workplace, it almost makes the boardroom your playroom. This two piece is a welcome alternative to a classic skirt or dress for any occasion. Since this trend first started and skyrocketed in November 2019, the sales of women’s suits have increased by 78%. Now as you can predict, I shamelessly and heavily bought into this trend and they are very present in my wardrobe, ready to pop out when lockdown is over.

Of course, female suit-wearing icons have existed for years, think Marlene Dietrich in The Blue Angel, Julia Roberts, Twiggy and Madonna. However, more recently we are seeing this trend surge again with Kamala Harris working a suit during the election campaign, along with others either wearing them casually or on red carpet events, such as Victoria Beckham, Megan Markle and Karlie Kloss.

Women have worn what is typically ‘menswear’ to work for decades now, however a suit is finally moving away from being seen as a masculine outfit and more of a chic feminine clothing option. Just look at Suisupply’s first ad campaign that had #NotDressingMen as the slogan running alongside it as they promoted their first suit collection. The modern women’s suit originates from the 1920’s when women began to enter the workforce, taking on leadership positions in the government. However, arguably it is actually the 1980’s when suits came into their own, not the 1920’s or the 21st century because the 80’s really pushed the boundaries with over-the-top shoulder padded blazers and slick suit trousers. It is the art of power dressing combined with the functionality of the suit which makes it such as a desirable choice, even so today. A suit offers less maintenance and more practicality than a skirt or dress. They definitely limit the anxiety we all get from tights laddering and stops anyone worrying about flashing their boss from their skirt being tucked in their pants.

The suit silhouette is flattering, making it perfect for the working environment and for an evening attire option by pairing it with heels and a cute bralette underneath. Alicia Key’s New Year’s Eve countdown concert outfit on TV was amazing and her suit gave me inspiration to customise my own clothes with a similar effect. The mirrors heightened the glam of the outfit along with her incredible metallic bralette underneath. Alicia solidified the effortless choice of wearing a suit.

The suit is obviously here to stay no matter what new trends of patterns and cuts come in and out of fashion and I am so there for it. So, if you are now suddenly inspired to get a suit in your wardrobe I have found some that are so beautiful.

Red Corduroy Suit - La Redoute.

Pink Cotton Suit - Revolve.

White Cotton Suit - ASOS.

Isabelle xxx