The Fashion Roadmap

By Isabelle Rust

Monday marked a big day – pub gardens opening! Whether you were organised enough to get a space in a pub or not, it is a sign of us all getting one step closer to normality. The great British public were seen drinking from 10am, quenching their thirst from months on end of not being able to do what we do best, have a pint down at a pub.

After a year of two-dimensional Zoom dressing, with our lower half relaxed in trackies and our top half carrying the image of us being put together during a pandemic with a ‘nice top’ on, our fashion and clothing choices are changing as we emerge out of lockdown.

On the April the 12th, pub gardens, outside seated restaurants, non-essential shops, hairdressers and gyms reopened in England which has given many of us an excuse to wear nice outfits as we exit the lockdown. This is one of the many steps on Boris’s roadmap that will take us to relative normality. So to honour the easing of lockdown through Boris’s roadmap I wanted to make a roadmap for our fashion choices as we go from sitting outside having a pint, to making it into a club on the holy day of the 21st June!

There is no doubt about it, when Monday came, I was so excited about pub gardens opening but it doesn’t get away from the fact that it’s early April with the seemingly frequent chance of snow and rain at the moment. There is a definite expectation vs reality moment here of what I planned to be wearing in my head vs what is actually being worn, and it turns out that coats and jackets are an essential if you want to crack open a cold one…here are my favourites that will keep you warm as well as looking nice.

In other news, gyms have reopened too! This is a sort of marmite topic because I know many will not feel obligated to be excited, however, it does give you a good excuse to buy some more activewear to help you on your way to potentially finding yourself in the gym. There are some great sustainable gym wear brands out there, some of which I have mentioned before but here are my recent favourites!

As we all await the next step out of lockdown to be completed on May the 17th, it will bring a much anticipated change with pubs and restaurants opening indoors. This is when it gets exciting because I have really missed the excitement of dressing up for a meal or drink where my outfit isn’t hidden under fleeced layers, coats and a beanie!

Lastly, the date that almost seems too good to be true is the 21st June. This date marks the day when socialising with friends and family returns to as close as normality as we can get. Big venues that were unable to open last year, such as nightclubs along with sport and music venues will be open! With a petition going round to make the 21st June a bank holiday, it is clear that the day will be filled with celebration after what has been a very long, tiresome lockdown. In anticipation for this day, here are my favourite pieces to mark the end of the fashion roadmap!