Sustainable Gym Wear

Happy New Year everyone! Although it already seems like 2020 and 2021 has merged together with the COVID restrictions, let’s start off the new year like we always do with a new year’s resolution…new year, new me and all that.

The ‘new me’ always comes with the pressure of a productive new year’s resolution. It seems to be that the most likely go to is something to do with getting fit or going to the gym more. So, to honour this new resolution (that typically lasts around 2 weeks when we all realise that chocolate and drinking is better), I wanted to promote some of the best sustainable gym wear brands I have found. This is very exciting because stainability is a big deal for me, especially when it comes to fashion. Yes, I do sometimes have a guilty purchase at ASOS every now and then, but my new year’s resolution is to be more eco conscious when it comes to my fashion addiction. In line with the ‘new me’, here are some great gym wear brands for men and women that are sustainable!

TALA is a great sustainable gym wear brand that I personally have a few items of. I have the Solasta bra, Zinnia leggings & the Aster top, all of which I am obsessed with. People who know me, know that I rave about these products because they are SO comfy and not ridiculously priced like the bigger brands out there. TALA is inclusive of all sizes and they also have a great concept which I really admire - plantable tags. Their clothes tags are filled with seasonal seeds and all you need to do is to pop your tag into some soil, add water and watch it grow! They are currently holding a 60% ‘sustaina-sale’ which I highly recommend you all take a look at.

(Source: TALA)

Another brand which I love the ethos of and is potentially my favourite gym wear brand at the moment is Pangaia. Having looked at their impressive credentials, they are doing amazing things to change the fast fashion culture. Their mission of 1 Pangaia product purchased = 1 tree planted, protected or restored has allowed for over 400,000 mangrove trees & 160,000 forest trees in 2020. One material which they are pioneering is seaweed fibre; used in their latest collection. This material avoids traditional farming aggressors, such as pesticides and excessive water use, whilst also making modern gym wear clothing that I adore. Their yellow seaweed fibre long sleeve top and their tracksuits are definitely on my wish list and an added bonus is that the fibre is completely biodegradable.

(Source: Pangaia)

Nimble is another dreamy upcoming brand helping to educate us with in-store community classes about plastic pollution, whilst also running beach clean-ups all around the world. Their signature COMPRESSLITE fabrics are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, meaning that plastic bottles have never looked so good. All their products designs are so simple yet stunning. Having always been obsessed with Australia’s fashion, I love how this brand originated in Sydney and how there is a collection called ‘fits a phone’ (literally meaning all products fit a phone in them)…genius!

(Source: Nimble)

Finally, my last must stop shop is BAM. All clothing for men and women are made out of bamboo which is a fast-growing crop that requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots so it doesn’t need to be replanted…i.e. a dream for the fashion industry and any production of clothing. They are a great brand if you are into yoga or pilates with so much choice. I am definitely eyeing up the Enduro bamboo leggings and their sports bras!

Isabelle xxx