Men’s and Women’s 2021 Fashion Trends

By Isabelle Rust

Now that 2021 has well and truly begun, the fashion trends for the coming year are in full swing for men and women. These trends have come from designers who are adapting to the moment and also the internet since fashion shows are now being live streamed on social media networks, such as TikTok. It is unusual to have had some strong trends come into play this early into the year, but the 2021 runway fashion trends are clearly not messing around. These styles are becoming mainstream having been mimicked by fashion bloggers and celebrities and there are many men's and women's fashion trends I have my eye on, so I wanted to share my top 5 picks.

1. It’s all about the trench coat

For both men and women, the trench coat has always been a staple but this year they are taking over more than ever before. The trench coat is fast becoming a modern classic no matter what you wear it with, either white trainers and jeans or a dress and heels. Trench coats definitely solve the problem of finding a middle ground between a heavy, weighty winter coat and a jacket, which quite frankly is just way too optimistic to be wearing during February. Although Burberry is iconic for giving us the double-breasted trench coat, there are some great alternatives that are a bit different and not so pricey. This item of clothing suits both genders and they are becoming the sell-out item in most stores. Here are some of my favourite styles for men and women.

2. Revamping the 70’s

Another trend that is becoming very popular within men’s fashion is the revamp of the 70s style. Thanks to icon himself, Harry Styles, and fashion brands like Gucci, there has been a major resurgence of 70s fashion. The colours, the flares and the patterns are all coming back so I would actually recommend not throwing away your aviators from when you were 13 just yet, you never know, they could be making a return too! The essential items from this decade include turtleneck sweaters, sleeveless sweaters, loose fitted t-shirts and relaxed long sleeved collared shirts. Tom Ford has particularly nailed this trend with some groovy (sorry to use that word) floral 70s shirts with other designers jumping on the comeback of corduroy which I love to see. With this trend, there is a real beauty in shopping second hand. This has been easily facilitated by those who shop vintage regularly or through sites like Depop. If you hop on Depop you can scroll through endless 70s items - perfect for grabbing designer labels’ old stock to refresh an outfit!

3. Wear camel

Brown and earthy tones have been a major colour trend coming through in most clothing items of choice this year. The brown and camel colouring has had a serious face lift and I am here for it. This is a huge move amongst women’s fashion. Although my wardrobe consists of mainly brightly coloured clothes, this neutral idea caught me by surprise when I realised I had been unconsciously buying more camel-coloured items since January. I have been loving putting outfits together using contrasting browns to create a full-on monochromatic look. However, by keeping it neutral it also allows you to mix and match with other shades and colours if you so desire. This is a subtle yet flattering trend that I am definitely on board with because it gives you an elegant and effortless style that can be worn on any occasion.

4. Wearing them wide

For SS21, most menswear brands have opted for wide leg trousers and whilst the current designers are clearly massive fans of the wider leg, they all have their different subtleties. For example, Gucci and Hermes are clearly supporting the trend of a high cut, high fashion heavily tailored trouser with a hint of a retro vibe as seen through their latest collections. However, Dolce & Gabbana are heavily endorsing more of a sportier vibe with tracksuit styles and cargo pants, still using the wide leg pattern. This trend is a welcome reform from the classic Love Island skinny jeans look, moving swiftly towards a more relaxed Saturday Night Fever type of mens trouser. Who would have thought that men would ever return to flares since it was probably at its height of resistance during the late 2000’s, when skinny jeans hugged every man’s thighs so tightly, they could barely walk! But this is a new revolution. Try a wider leg!

5. Get your shoulders out

The 90s were known for women’s iconic shoulder padded jackets and they seem to be returning in a big way. This trend is gracing all women’s items of clothing, from wedding dresses, blazers and t-shirts. It is thought that this trend was triggered and reignited after the latest series of The Crown which aired at the end of last year, showing off 90s glamour at its best. Diana’s array of beautiful and utterly perfect outfits often sporting a shoulder padded blazer or dress. Hailey Bieber has jumped on this idea and she has been papped wearing some great oversized padded blazers that I frankly am in love with. This sharp and defined silhouette of a shoulder pad is definitely one to watch. I suspect it will soon be taking over all our fashion choices. Out of all the current trends, I think this my favourite - it is versatile and can intertwine with other trends too without your outfit becoming too overwhelming.