Let's Get Serious About Menswear

By Isabelle Rust

Menswear is transitioning and men in general, not just the fashionistas, are getting more creative and adventurous with their fashion choices, especially during lockdown when people have more time on their hands to search the internet for their next look. This movement has definitely been inspired by the ever-increasing scrolling time we are all guilty of spending on social media and yes, the scrolling is bad for most things, including our sanity, but it has no doubt helped advance menswear. More and more people are becoming inspired by outfits they see on Instagram and Tiktok and want to mimic it.

As men explore different fashion tastes and trends it is no surprise that jewellery has been one of the main items that men are pursuing. Thanks to the increasing roll call of icons opting for an accessory with the likes of Harry Styles, Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling; necklaces, bracelets and rings are becoming more and more popular, with many opting for heavily ringed fingers and solid slim gold or silver chains. Since the shift of perceptions about rings and necklaces becoming more widely accepted as unisex accessories, jeweller, Charlie Carr-Gomm has witnessed how men are looking beyond plain and simple jewellery and more towards different styles instead. For example, the use of stones and gemstones in rings is a clear new favourite, along with a growing preference for chunkier more sizeable rings. Daniel Todd, the managing buyer for the online giant Mr Porter also stated how ‘long gone are the days when men would only wear one simple wedding band’. Men now view jewellery as an extension of their wardrobe, and I am all for it! The rumblings of this trend was first established during Paris’s fashion week, with many designers introducing jewelled broches, and from there it escalated to the cuff earrings as well as more simply, gold chains. Try it out, diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend.

Now, let’s talk utility. This is another new favourite trend that has been heavily endorsed by social media stars and menswear fashion designers. This utility trend doesn’t mean that you have to go running around in cargo trousers with a dog tag necklace on, it’s way simpler than that. Utility has been doing the rounds for a few seasons, but it has definitely taken hold with an all-round ‘high function’ feel to it. ‘Knowingly underdressed’ is the mantra for this trend and utility is becoming a big buzzword in the world of mens fashion. Fabrics are becoming lighter and the number of pockets on one item is growing. It is a vision of contemporary streetwear and it suits not just the designers models walking down the runway, but also the wider audience. It has really come into its own because it can make your day-to-day wardrobe more streamlined by using layers and different colours, helping you transcend through the seasons. The items typically associated with this trend includes jackets, caps and trousers. Excitingly this trend has infiltrated the activewear market too; confirming its popularity. All such items make great investment pieces since you can definitely wear them all year round. Carhartt and Dickies are great examples of brands who are heavily involved in this trend with other fashion houses, such as Givenchy and Fendi following closely.

Another trend menswear seems to be jumping on is relaxed tailoring. This has appealed to a lot of designers due to the huge spike in its popularity and they have since incorporated the style into their latest collections. The fashion industry seems to be moving away from sharp skinny silhouettes, which has dominated men’s fashion for the past decade and instead it is moving towards something softer and more generously proportioned. This trend has started to diversify mens usual work wear outfit choices, as well as their casual weekend attire. Acne studios seems to be nailing the casual tailoring and I really recommend any of their styles in their new collections if you want to try out this trend. This movement towards casual chic is ideal for anyone who struggles to put any outfit together because it’s so easy to pair a semi-tailored trouser with a t-shirt and trainers, allowing you to it dress up or down.