Ice Ice Baby, My Jewellery Wish List

By Isabelle Rust

It seems to me that lockdown either makes you buy more online or not and as you can guess for me, it’s certainly left me buying more online. You can often find me waiting peering out of my window wondering what parcel the next delivery driver will drop off on a very regular basis. During lockdown I have tried educated myself on fashion trends and sustainability, along with some more research done on jewellery. Obviously, diamonds are a girl’s best friend but right now I’ve got to be realistic on my base graduate salary, but frankly I am actually way more interested in everyday jewellery.

Although we are well and truly still in lockdown, your jewellery shouldn’t suffer. An item of jewellery can instantly dress up an outfit, whether that be on camera during your 2048th zoom call of the day, or when paired with your pyjamas.

Statement jewellery for men and women is obviously not new, but I am definitely still in this camp when it comes to most of my jewellery choices. During the SS21 runway season it’s clear that designers from Hermés and Victoria Beckham are also not moving away from this mindset either, with many of their models sporting heavy metal or brightly coloured jewellery statement pieces. After such a lacklustre year of 2020, an injection of colour is what we all need and crave, so there is no surprise this is sticking around for a little longer. There are a variety of statement pieces I am loving for men and women out there at the moment, but personally I have really been loving the neon jewellery moment. It can electrify your wardrobe and mood in all the right ways. Moda Operandi’s director has stated that neon jewellery is the new thing as everyone seems to be drawn to this as an item of jewellery that no one seems to have in their jewel boxes. Fine jewellery creators and artists such as Melissa Kaye were originally concerned that this would disrupt the fine jewellery market, but her current sell out item is her marquise-shaped hood with diamonds, a great representation of fun luxury. This trend is perfectly timed because as Spring comes round people tend to desire more colour in their outfits, so this is a great go to.

Another item of jewellery I can’t get enough of at the moment is pearls. Pearls witnessed a resurgence since last Spring, and they are now finally not seen as your grandma’s hand-me-downs and now something of class and sophistication! Grace Kelly, the epitome of class and glamour was once rumoured to have said “the pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens” and I definitely couldn’t agree more. Pearls are so versatile and literally go with any outfit. This has become a big part of the male jewellery culture too – a single pearl earring seems to have stuck ever since Harry Styles’s 2019 Met Gala moment. This new excitement for pearls has come hand in hand with layering and mismatching, with the vision of ‘the more of the merrier’ whilst still endorsing the minimalist aesthetic. However, when it comes to layering for women it can be hard not to overdo it on the necklace front, so I tend to stick to the rule of three. I really like using the rule to go for something of colour, some sort of silver or gold chain (if you know me, I tend to go for something gold) along with another necklace of maybe beads or pearls.

Talking about statement jewellery, something I have been seeing, but not quite jumped on the bandwagon with just yet is a chunky resin ring. This is a very drastic change from the previous simplistic trend, which is maybe why it has thrown me off. When understanding where this may have come from, these resin rings could have actually been predicted with the success of chunky sole trainers and the more dramatic wide leg trousers coming in. Although I am not the biggest fan, I definitely can appreciate how good they look on others and for that I am very jealous because who wouldn’t want to rock a take on 90’s kids knuckle dusters. Saying this, I may very well eat my words in the coming months if I suddenly decide that I like it having found ‘the’ ring for me.

Along with the chunkier trend, cuffs and bangles are something I have been eyeing up to. I really like the idea and look of layering up smaller and larger bangles together with a mix of colours and metals. You may associate golden cuff with Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra since it has always been a sought after item of jewellery. Plenty of influencers and celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Kylie Jenner are often seen wearing such jewellery. Many preloved styles of bangles and cuffs are very sought after, often vintage bangles increasing in value as time goes on. They are actually the most searched item on Vestiaire Collective, with many of the bangles hitting well above the 7k price mark. Obviously, this is completely out of most of our price ranges, but it’s fun to dream hey?