21st June Dressing

By Isabelle Rust

When Boris announced that the 21st June is essentially our release from lockdown last week, we were obviously all buzzing. All our group chats were popping off with plans and arrangements being made on how to plan what is going to be quite frankly the best day ever!!? The internet flooded with hilarious memes and optimistic commentary as we all recited Lady Gaga’s mantra of, “No sleep, club, another club, another club, plane, another club, no sleep.”

Since ‘June 21st’ began trending on Twitter last week, most of the big name fashion brands started to use this date as a new fashion category in its own right to promote their back-to-life debut outfits. Obviously, I was way too excited about this because any excuse to get new clothes is great for me! However, having looked into this marketing idea in further depth, I have been so upset by the number of social media influencers and brands who have been heavily endorsing a countdown on how many days we have left to get ‘back into shape’ or to get ‘skinny again’ in time for June 21st. Many large fashion brands have been guilty of this branding including, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and ASOS. This is quite frankly an outrageous suggestion which shouldn’t be branded so heavily when it has been clearly recognised that a lot of our mental health has taken a toll due to this global pandemic. We have already survived being home with our parents for over a year which is stressful enough, we don’t need the added pressure to look good and flawless coming out of lockdown. This message can be combatted easily with more awareness and reassurance in the fact that you should be worrying about which pub you start in rather than the weight you come out of lockdown at.

Another concern of mine is that brands like ASOS and Pretty Little Thing are going to be the go-to for many young people when choosing their post lockdown outfits. This is going to heavily contribute to what is being predicted as an enormous fast fashion spree. Therefore, the point of my article this week is to make you all aware that you don’t need to get to ‘fit’ or ‘skinny’ for our release and that we should all make an effort to shop sustainably. So, here I am, ready to guide you towards the best sustainable shops because quite frankly who doesn’t want to get a new outfit anyway!

The 21st June is bang in the middle of summer so hopefully the weather is hot and we can get some summery outfits going so in light of this excitement, a shop that I definitely recommend having a browse in at the moment is Boyish Jeans. They are renowned for their cool, contemporary style as well as their sustainable repertoire that keeps on giving. I always find it hard to truly know if denim items are sustainable which is why I cling onto those brands that I know are, hence why I have a real love for Boyish Jeans. Some of my favourite styles are below!

Another company that I recently found is called BITE which stands for By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress. Their awareness for the impact fashion has on the environment and society is their number one priority, which is why I think their brand is so cool with many of the materials they use being 100% ecologically certified. Their emphasis is on creating timelessness products where any item can be worn in all seasons to limit the need to buy a new wardrobe for each new occasion.

My third choice of where to head to get some inspiration and to shop sustainably if you are potentially thinking about going abroad to get away for a burst of sun is Paper. Their swimwear is made from ECONYL, a 100% regenerated Nylon Fibre and this fabric also provides protection against UV rays. I have been obsessing over their sustainable swimwear collections for months but still have nowhere to wear them, but for you lucky ones out there with a holiday booked – this one is for you!

Finally, another shop that I found after much research is Reformation. This shop is great for Summer dress inspiration and they definitely set the bar for creating amazing sustainable outfits! They are committed to minimising their environmental impact whilst also achieving fair and safe working conditions through their supply chain – something I am definitely onboard with.

All of these shops are great for sustainable fashion inspiration going into the 21st June and onwards. Lemon Fire is of course gearing up for the summer season too ready to customise and upcycle any dresses, skirts and tops that you are no longer keen on but want to love again!